Guaranteed Rent Package

Our Guaranteed Rent package will provide you with long term
guaranteed rent. No voids. No hidden fees. No commission.

This package is for you if…

⁃ You have a have a well located property

⁃ You’re tired of chasing rent payments

⁃ You’re fed up of paying high utility bills

⁃ You don’t want to be involved in the hassles of tenant management

What we can offer you…

Guaranteed rent, every month, for 3-5 years ✔

We pay all utility bills and council tax ✔

We handle all tenant management ✔

We keep your property in excellent condition ✔

Total peace of mind with a sustained passive rental income ✔

Enjoy a sustained, long term passive income with our
Guaranteed Rent Package.

No voids. No late payments. No Hassle.

How it works?

> We pay you guaranteed rent

We pay you guaranteed rent, every month for the term of the contract. You will have peace of mind in knowing that you will receive a passive income from your rental property without having to lift a finger!

> We pay the bills

Paying the bills is never fun, especially when tenants have the heating on 24/7! When you work with Oaks Stays, you don’t pay a penny. We pay the utility bills and council tax, giving you peace of mind.

> We give you complete freedom from tenant management

We deal with all the tenant’s queries, questions and complaints, and respond to any maintenance calls. We also ensure that your property is professionally cleaned on a regular basis by our professional housekeeping team.

> We keep your property in tip-top condition

Your property will be kept in the best condition. This will help help us to attract the best quality tenants. We furnish the property to the highest standard (if needed), in order to get the property up to the high standard that our tenants expect and deserve.

> We offer you long term sustainable income

Our contracts are typically between 3-5 years, giving you peace of mind and a sustained passive income!

> We don't charge you any fees

We don’t charge you any fees. We simply pay you the agreed guaranteed rent every month.

Four simple steps to get started.

Step 1

After viewing your property, we will offer you a guaranteed monthly rent for a term of 3-5 years.

Step 2

Once the guaranteed rent and all terms have been agreed, we both sign the agreement.

Step 3

You can now sit back, relax and receive your guaranteed rent every month for the agreed term without having to lift a finger.

Step 4

At the end of the term, you have two options. We can extend the contract or we can hand your property back (obviously in fantastic condition).